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ROZES Rises Above Relationship Issues On Soaring New Single, ‘Canyons’!

Hope y’all haven’t forgotten about ROZES!

She’s the promising Philadelphia-bred singer-songwriter behind The Chainsmokers breakout smash “Roses” all the way back in 2015, aka the song that kicked off their consistent reign on the Billboard Hot 100. Since then, ROZES has been keeping busy carving out her own niche as a solo musical act with a number of high quality solo tracks and collaborations.

Following the release of her Cash Cash breakup anthem “Matches” back in March, ROZES is ready to move forward all on her own again with her latest single: “Canyons,” co-written and produced by ROZES, Patrick J. Mencel aka SSIK, and Ian Walsh.

The track is a satisfying slice of synth-pop that is driven by those tropical-lite beats that have been dominating the singles charts over the last year — but ROZES soaring vocal chops manage to rise above the production, elevating it to a different level than your typical radio-trending anthem.

My love, a canyon’s come between us/ A river tore right through us/ I swear I can’t feel you anymore/ Don’t you want me anymore?/ My love…,” she cries out on the hook. It’s a song “about learning that you can disagree with the people you love and still be compatible,” ROZES said in a statement. “A healthy relationship of any sort is being able to have your own opinions and maintaining your own identity while still living in harmony with each other.”

The end result is something immediately infectious, summer-ready and tenderly crafted – I LOVE!

ROZES’ latest single “Canyons” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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