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Loreen Begins Anew With Euphoric Slice Of Dance-Pop Perfection, ‘Body’!

Oh my God.

She’s done it again: Loreen has returned to save our sorry souls with the first serving from her much, much, much anticipated follow-up to 2012’s Heal. The last time we heard from the Scandinavian queen, she was calling out those who fail to act in the fight against injustice in the form of “Statments,” which unfortunately failed to qualify directly for the Swedish final in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.

Don’t fret though, Loreen‘s already moving on with something new… a single called “Body” that demands your full attention immediately. Now. There’s simply no other choice. Ya dig?

In a lot of ways, “Body” – the first “installment” from her forthcoming project Nude (out August 25) – is signature Loreen: Hypnotic pulsations, robot sounds, heavenly strings and meticulously crafted builds. “Alright, alright/ let’s move together side by side/ so deep we touch the floor tonight/ It’s written on your body/ It’s written on your body…,” she seductively croons on the hook, full of throbbing, space-age pulsations.

It’s a sick, shapeshifting production from start to finish that hits harder than anything the Swedish songstress has done before — and yet, this is undeniably the stuff of Loreen. Yupp, “Body” is a genuinely great dance record, and even if she doesn’t get any recognition stateside as a true pop star, we at least know the truth. Forever an underrated QUEEN.

According to the Loreen herself, she’ll be dropping one single every month leading up to the release of Nude – GET READY!

Loreen’s new single “Body” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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