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MNEK’s ‘Paradise’: Satisfying Escapism in Times of Misery

Why don’t we go somewhere somewhere somewhere…

The last time we heard from this talented English singer-songwriter-producer, he was going through heavy break-up feels on 2016’s insomnia-inspired, nighttime banger “At Night (I Think About You).”

Things are a little different, in a variety of not-so-great ways, in 2017. Therefore it’s no surprise that MNEK‘s first 2017 offering called “Paradise,” is a comforting, satisfying ode to escapism – and perhaps his most mesmerizing and impressive cut yet.

Would you like to go to paradise/ Cos I’m not tryna go alone/ Runaway with me to paradise/ If you wanna leave, then we can go/ Cos the real world told me lies/ The realist lies ever told/ So let’s runaway and find paradise,” MNEK sings on the soaring hook, staying true to his love for nostalgia in the process – the Londoner samples Ultra Nate‘s 90’s classic ‘Free‘ on the slow-building electro-pop production.

The song is an us-against-the-world anthem of sorts that doubles as projection, and it’s hardly accidental in these trying times as of late. By the second verse, MNEK truly lets his emotions run free (see what I did there?): “Your love’s like a fantasy/ Nothing like what I saw on the news yesterday/ Another man down, blood on the ground/ Makes me wanna just runaway/ Where we run is a mystery/ Ignorance is bliss to me/ Cos whenever I turn on my TV it’s just misery/ I tried to be cool but this world’s too cruel/ For me to sit around and simply drown in / So I’m asking you, what would you do/ If we could get out of here, because I want to go.”

The lyricism, the endless harmonies and vocal runs, the superb production, “Paradise” is just another stellar display of what MNEK has to offer. It’s time he gets the recognition he deserves, you can’t runaway forever…

MNEK’s latest single “Paradise” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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