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Demi Lovato Is A Savage On New Single, ‘Sorry Not Sorry’!

Demi Lovato is becoming queen of the mid-summer bop. Two years ago around this time, “Cool For The Summerwhich I still find irresistibledropped. Last year we got “Body Say,” which remains criminally underrated. And today, “Sorry Not Sorry” was released to the world in a storm of foamy photos and fiery lyrics that I will 100% use in an Instagram caption ASAP. Demi‘s been tweeting about this song for a while, saying that it’s for her haters (we know you hate seeing her like this) and that much is evident… Even down to the mock text message saying “This one’s for you ;)” on her Spotify page.

Anyone following Demi on social media had already heard the first ten seconds of the song before today. It had all the prerequisites: a promising instrumental, a killer photo for the album art (I love a high pony), and a brazen title that we’ve all uttered aloud once or twice in our lives: sorry not sorry! So it was a treat to hear a song that actually lives up to the hype. Sorry not sorry, but “Sorry Not Sorry” is unapologetically good. It’s a “Why u mad tho?” anthem to her haters, of which there have been many this past year. Demi’s doing just fine without you! And in case you didn’t get that from the song, peep this message Demi posted online yesterday to announce her return and update fans on what she’s been up to. (Though to be honest, I feel like she never left between her award show performances and her features with Fall Out Boy, Cheat Codes, and Jax Jones.)

Key highlights of “Sorry Not Sorry” include: an Ariana-ish, R&B-lite beat and piano riff reminiscent of “The Way” (this is not a read, just an observation), vocals that get better with every era, and of course, this lyric: “Payback is a bad bitch / And baby I’m the baddest / You fuckin’ with a savage.” I mean honestly, what else would you want out of a song in 2017? Can someone get this girl a #1 single already?

Produced by Zaire Koalo, Trevor Brown, and Warren “Oak” Felder, “Sorry Not Sorry” is supposedly the first single from Demi’s next album. If she’s on the same single and album schedule as she was with “Cool For The Summer” and its parent album, the Grammy-nominated “Confident,” then the new album should arrive sometime in October.

“Sorry Not Sorry” is available now to stream and purchase!


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