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Sabrina Carpenter Continues To Impress With Her Latest Pop Stomper, ‘Why’!

Okay, Sabrina Carpenter, I’m ready to stan.

As you may or may not already know, tiny Sabrina C has been lowkey killin’ it for quite some time now thanks to her leading role in Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World, her two full-length albums: 2015’s Eyes Wide Open and 2016’s genuinely good Evolution, and, most recently, her infectious, thumb-twiddlin’ pop stomper, “Thumbs.” She honestly just cannot stop twiddlin’ circles around her peers this year, and no one should even try to stop her.

Less than nine months after releasing Evolution, Sabrina‘s already returned with a brand new single that only continues to showcase her mass appeal: “Why,” co-written by Sabrina, Leland and produced by Jonas Jeberg. But, seriously – it’s really great.

The track is an infectious, electo-pop midtempo all about being attracted to someone completely opposite of you, led by a really nice, sort of summer-tinged synth pulse and a serious stomper of a chorus: “Tell me how we’re not alike/ But we work so well and we don’t even know why/ Funny how the stars crossed right/ Cause we work so well and we don’t even know why,” she croons ahead of a skittering beat breakdown. It’s truly swirly, pop goodness.

Is Sabrina C the next Disney pop princess to rise to the top? Discuss.

“This song happened very quickly,” Sabrina told Billboard. “We started with the first line of the song — ‘You like New York City in the daytime; I like New York City in the night time’ — and from there, the song kind of wrote itself. It’s basically [about] these differences that we all have, that keep us different from one another but at the same time glue us together. … I like to say it’s very conversational, which some of my other songs haven’t been before.”

Sabrina Carpenter’s new single “Why” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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