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Adam Lambert Makes No Apologies On Empowering Anthem, ‘Two Fux’!

Rejoice Glamberts, your hubby is back at it again!

Yes, in between touring with Queen, Adam Lambert has found the time to record some brand new music. The last we heard from the American Idol winner, he was with his inviting us into his world with a big stadium anthem, “Welcome To The Show,” back in March of 2016.

But now it’s really time to get this show on the road again – and, to kick it all off, he’s (deservedly) throwing his middle fingers up with an empowering lead single called, “Two Fux,” co-crated alongside Ferras, Sarah Hudson, Big Taste and Trey Campbell.

The melodic kiss-off is equal parts grown and gritty as Adam lays down his simple truth: “I only trust my tarot cards/ Pink flamingos in my yard/ People think that I’m from Mars/ whatever,” he declares over the intricate, electro-pop production.

“My last project was about the chase. This time I feel the strength of being exactly, unapologetically where I am,” Adam said in a statement about the song. “I’m standing my ground to inspire my fans to defy the status quo.”

He lives up to that sentiment with the song’s soaring, fux-free chorus: “If you think that what I do and how I live’s too much/ I don’t really really give two fux/ If you think that what I say and what I give ain’t love/ I don’t really really give two fux/ Here, right here, right here/ Namaste right here, right here, right here.”

While I doubt this will win him any spots on Top 40 radio, “Two Fux” feels wholeheartedly genuine to the Adam we see today. It’s bold, in-your-face and truly unapologetic – Listen below!

Adam Lambert’s latest “Two Fux” is also available on Spotify and Apple Music now!

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