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Song of the Week: Blonde ‘Just For One Night’ Feat. Astrid S!

This week’s Song of the Week comes from Jon ALi favorite: Blonde!

It’s been over a year since we last heard from the talented British production duo, who have been providing us with some genuinely amazing dance-pop euphoria for years now – from “Higher Ground” to “I Loved You” to “All Cried Out” to “Feel Good (It’s Alright)” with Karen Harding and last year’s Craig David-assisted “Nothing Like This.”

The pair make their grand return with yet another fierce collaboration called “Just One Night,” this time with rising Norwegian songstress Astrid S.

The infectious tune plays with breezy, sweeping melodies and pronounced, plucking percussion for a summery future-bass groove led by Astrid‘s angelic vocals. “And if you’re too smart to love me, dumb/ If you’ve seen too much to love me blind/ Can I use my hands to cover your eyes?/ Just for one night, just for one night,” she croons on the ear-worm of a hook. It’s one of those get-lost-for-the-night anthems, and I’m all about it – a true summer song!

“As soon as we had the idea for this song we knew that Astrid would be perfect for it,” the duo told Clash. “We had been fans of her music for ages and really wanted to do a record with her! When her vocal takes landed in my inbox from LA I was screaming! I think evolution is healthy as an artist, we didn’t want to just try to write another ‘All Cried Out’ or ‘I Loved You’ as we’ve already written those songs.”

“Just For One Night” by Blonde is also available on Spotify and Apple Music!

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