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BLAJK Go Big On New Single, ‘Gunshot’!

At the top of the new year, I introduced BLAJK and their genuinely impressive debut Limited EP!

Well now, after taking some proper time off to work on some new music, the rising Toronto-based 4-piece group – consisting of consisting of Brent Gordon (guitar), Jordan Radics (lead vocals), Raymond McTaggart (drums), and Thomas Conrad (bass, keys) – are finally ready to give us more with the release of their first 2017 serving: “Gunshot“!

The track is as sultry and vaguely menacing as the rest of what we’ve already heard, but with a more uptempo — dare I say, “radio-friendly” — approach than BLAJK‘s usual pop-noir affair.

I thought I was done with love/ This ain’t what I thought it was…,” Jordan confesses in his signature snarl before launching their most immediate chorus to date: “When the cannonballs fly we duck for cover/ Baby when we move, we move like lovers/ Fire in the sky, but we’re under the covers/ I heard a gunshot, babe/ I heard a gunshot,” he angrily croons over the sleek, ultra-nuanced production that transitions from melodic introspective to an anthemic outcry of driving percussion and twirling synths.

It’s BLAJK taken to the next level. Jordan and the guys have already established their moody pop-noir aesthetic, so it’s nice to finally hear them hone their sound with a more “accessible”-driven approach – I say, WIN!

“The ‘Gunshot’ symbolizes an epiphany, an unavoidable realization that where you are may not be the healthiest place for you,” BLAJK said in a statement. “It takes you out of a moment, pairing you with a grounding force that helps you wade through the murkiness of uncertainty and the hardships of staying true to yourself. There’s a fair amount of personal growth that comes from this. Tearing down the walls from within in order to rebuild can be one of the hardest things a person will ever have to do. It takes a lot of confidence and trust to be exposed in this way. It may not be immediate, and it may not be obvious, but the impact will be a part of you.”

“Gunshot” by BLAJK is also available on Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play!

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