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Scissor Sisters & MNDR ‘Kiki’ It Up (Again) With New LGBTQ Anthem, ‘SWERLK’!

Have you got the nerve?

Just in time for Pride Month comes a brand new, runway-ready LGBTQ anthem from the Scissor Sisters and MNDR: “SWERLK“!I

It’s about damn time, hu-hu-hunny! The collaboration is the first time the Scissor Sisters have gotten back together since they went on indefinite hiatus in 2012. We’ve been waiting… but what exactly is “SWERLK” you ask. Let them explain…

What do you get when you twerk and you twirl and werk and swerve and swirl?/ SWERLK! / I’ll tell you what you get when you twerk and you twirl and werk and swerve and swirl/ SWERLK!” Yupp, the Sisters of Scissor along with some assistance from MNDR are serving up another healthy dose of “Let’s Have A Kiki” realness with these throbbing, early 90’s club beats and stabs of bright House piano – and the results are, once again, making me too gay to function.

Proceeds go to Contigo Fund, which emerged from the Pulse mass shooting and offers financial support to organizations working to heal, educate and empower LGBTQ and Latinx individuals, immigrants and people of color, as well as those working to end all forms of bigotry in Central Florida. “MNDR and I were talking about how we wouldn’t exist without the culture around the clubs and the bars and the kind of escapes they provided and complete support system for what we were both doing when we started our projects,” Babydaddy told HuffPost. “So it was this sort of, ‘we’re not just supportive but also in debt to this culture.'”

Get up in this gig ladies and gents: Donate now and get a free ‘SWERLK’ download!

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