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Terror Jr Show Their ‘Appreciation’ & Set The Date For ‘Bop City 2’!

Terror Jr are showing us their “appreciation, ‘preciation…

Following the release of “Caramel” and “Death Wish,” the mysterious pop trio – “Lisa Terror,” Felix Snow and Campa (aka David Benjamin Singer-Vine, formerly of The Cataracs) – have announced that the second installment in their Bop City trilogy, called Bop City 2: TerroRising, will be released everywhere on June 16 – That’s just two weeks away, folks!

Along with the official tracklist and fitting cover art, Terror have also dropped yet another brand new cut from the upcoming 13-track set: “Appreciation,” a deliciously sweet, synth-heavy ode to that special someone in your life. “And I know that you’ve been working hard/ Tryna keep that, keep that money large/ When I hear you coming through the door/ Gonna show you, show you this is yours,” Lisa entices over the tripping beats before launching into arguably their catchiest hook yet: “Lemme show you my appreciation, ‘preciation/ Lemme show you my appreciation, ‘preciation/ I know you never really hear me say it, hear me say it, oh/ Lemme show you my appreciation, ‘preciation, oh.”

Will the bop greatness ever come to an end? I sure hope not. Terror Jr for the win!

1. Caramel
2. Death Wishes
3. Appreciation
4. Talking To Myself
5. Smoke
6. Dead Girl Walking
7. Sweatpants
8. Personal
9. Terrible
10. Heartbreaks
11. Souls
12. IDWT
13. Do or Die

“Appreciation” by Terror Jr is also available on Spotify and Apple Music!

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