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Rita Ora Returns With The Genuinely Enjoyable ‘Your Song’, Co-Penned By Ed Sheeran!

Forget the Rita Ora you think you know, it’s time to turn your focus to “Your Song.”

The English entertainer you love to hate is back today (May 26) with her first solo single in almost two years, “Your Song,” a mellow and infectious pop jam, co-penned with Ed Sheeran and Steve Mac, who is also responsible for the production.

Kicking off with finger-snaps and a metronome-like beat, Rita gently croons her way into the calm production as warm, tropical-light pulsations luxuriously fill out the track, bringing Fifth Harmony‘s “Work From Home” to mind… and yes, a strong hint of Ed Sheeran‘s very own inescapable smash “Shape Of You,” too.

I don’t wanna hear sad songs anymore/ I only wanna hear love songs/ I found my heart up in this place tonight/ Don’t wanna sing mad songs anymore/ Only wanna sing your song/ Cause your song’s got me feeling like I’m…,” she sings before getting some extra vocal instance on the chanty post-hook: “I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love/ Yeah, you know your song’s got me feeling like I’m.

Your Song” isn’t necessarily revolutionary – it’s yes, a bit generic, but it does feel like the most logical sonic move from where Rita‘s most successful single to date “I Will Never Let You Down” left off — and it’s even more universal in its appeal. (I mean people really like Ed and “Shape For You,” like a lot) It’s feels long a summer song to its core with truly an excellent vocal serving from Miss Rita.

More than anything, this could be the song that convinces the public that Rita actually has something to offer as an artist than her mainstream persona currently suggests.

Rita Ora’s new single “Your Song” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!


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