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‘Caramel’: Terror Jr Tease ‘Bop City 2’ With A ‘Purposeful Pop’ Moment!

Grapes. Grapes. Grapes… Bop City 2 is coming!

Just last year, a mysterious pop super trio called Terror Jr – “Lisa,” Felix Snow and Campa (aka David Benjamin Singer-Vine, formerly of The Cataracs) burst onto the scene with their brilliant Bop City EP, providing hypnotic and snappy spaced-out productions like “Say So,” “Sugar” and the infamous “3 Strikes,” one of 2016’s very best.

This month, Terror Jr make their return with a brand new song called “Caramel,” our first taste of Bop City: Vol. 2!

Much like the stuff of their debut, “Caramel” relishes in a slinky groove of high-pitched vocals and haunting waves of sleek electronica. Yet as we cut deeper into the satisfying “Caramel,” it’s clear that the trio’s now navigating in a darker, more assertive direction with their message.

Some of the lyrics on “Caramel” seem like a direct response to our current political moment – specifically, the lines “they wanna shut me down like my pussy’s fucking worthless/ Okay, bitch? I don’t know what to say, bitch,” hit with a particular aim in the wake of the latest congressional passage of Trumpcare, which guts care for women and reproductive health.

It’s what many are calling now a “purposeful pop” moment, if you will, and I’m totally here for it. Listen below…

Terror Jr’s latest single “Caramel” is also available on Spotify and Apple Music now!

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