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‘Hurt By You’: Emily Warren, Pro Writer of Songs, Breaks Free On Her Own With A Soaring Debut!

It’s time to get even more familiar with Emily Warren!

Jessie J‘s “Masterpiece“. Fifth Harmony‘s “Them Girls Be Like.” Becky G‘s “Break a Sweat.” Sean Paul‘s “No Lie” with Dua Lipa. Naughty Boy‘s “Should’ve Been Me.” Little Mix‘s “No More Sad Songs.” Noah Cyrus‘ “Stay Together.” The Chainsmokers‘ Grammy-winning smash “Don’t Let Me Down” with Daya.

Those are just some of the legitimately great pop songs that Emily has had a hand in penning for us in the past four or five years. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, the New York City-born talent is also a singer herself! You can catch her singing on the highlights off of The Chainsmokers‘ recently released debut Memories…Do Not Open: “Paris,” “The One,” “My Type,” and “Don’t Say,” as well as Lost Kings‘ “Phone Down” and “Capsize” with FRENSHIP – which, yes, she had a hand in penning too (duh).

But like plenty of the other female pop songwriters we’ve come to adore — from Sia to Bonnie McKee to Bebe Rexha to Julia Michaels — it isn’t fulfilling enough to write just for others. There’s the itch to branch out on your very own right. Fast-forward to today (May 5), and that brings us to the release of “Hurt By You,” the debut single from Emily Warren, our next Pop Queen On The Rise.

Surprisingly, “Hurt By You” – crafted alongside Scott Harris (Shawn Mendes, The Chainsmokers, Jessie J, etc.) and Nick Ruth (Carly Rae Jepsen, Nick Jonas, Mikky Ekko, etc.) – is drastically different from her electro-pop stuff with The Chainsmokers. Instead, the track sees Emily laying down her full-bodied vocals across a much more organic and instrumental, bluesy piano-driven production.

And I know the part where you say you’re unfaithful/ Sittin’ at the kitchen table/ In that moment in-between I love and fuckin’ hate you/ I’m not sure, not surebut that isn’t stopping me/ So come sweep me off my feet,” she sings before bursting into the song’s soaring chorus: “‘Cause I wanna give, give you all that I got/ And I wanna believe we’ll defy all the odds/ And I hope you don’t hurt me/ But oh, if you do/ It would be worth getting hurt by you.”

It’s a personal tune all about your insecurities getting the best of you, to the point where it’s holding you back from fully opening up to someone due to the fear of getting hurt. Not too surprisingly, Emily‘s delivery is raw and powerful from start-to-finish, and the songwriting style feels genuine and refreshingly relatable and comforting, like a true singer-songwriter’s song should sound. It’s been on repeat since I go my early listen.

“I wrote this song in New York with Scott Harris and Nick Ruth. The session started with a conversation about my current relationship, which was brand new at the time,” Emily exclusively told Jon ALi in a statement. “Given all of the examples of failing relationships that I’ve witnessed, whether it be divorce, or cheating, it seemed naive and crazy to believe that my relationship would be exempt from all that. But you have to be vulnerable and willing to take whatever pain might come with giving yourself to someone completely. That’s where the lyric came from – “I hope you don’t hurt me, but oh if you do, it would be worth getting hurt by you‘.”

Without a doubt an impressive kick off for someone who’s already on top of their game. Only this time, she’s all on her own calling the shots – and most likely calling them all the way up to the top of the charts. Get into Emily Warren now!

Emily Warren’s debut single “Hurt By You” is also available on Spotify and Apple Music!

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  • dylangalvin

    Wow…that hook is nasty. She definitely deserves to have her own name on the music that she’s writing. Great post, Jon.

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