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Nicki Minaj Goes Underwater For ‘Regret In Your Tears’ Video!

More new Nicki Minaj content today… Except it’s a Tidal exclusive.

The Mert and Marcus-directed video for “Regret In Your Tears” is out as of 1 pm EST. Initially scheduled for release on April 30, it didn’t see the light of day until this afternoon (May 1). I guess she’d call that “Queen Time,” but given her history of not releasing things as scheduled (the “Make Love” video with Gucci Mane didn’t come out on time, either), it’s more like her standard M.O. Like, why give your fans a release date if you know what you’re delivering isn’t even finished?

Anyway… I love “Regret In Your Tears” as a single, but the video is thoroughly underwhelming to me. It’s like an underwater fairy land meets Trisha Paytas in the “Warrior” video. There’s no real plot here; this video is just a collection of looks, just as “No Frauds” was. But since I’m writing this up, let me tell you what we have here: Nicki looking pensive on a half-sunken truck in a forest. Nicki looking pensive on a bed with a male model who has been in a few of her past videos. Nicki looking pensive and naked in the water. Nicki looking pensive and wearing the same outfit Rihanna wore in the “Needed Me” video. Nicki looking pensive and grabbing her own boobs. Nicki doing some geisha dancing. Some random people looking pensive while floating in the water and lying on the ground. And… That’s it.

If you have Tidal, give it a watch, I suppose. But don’t flock to Tidal for this. Your free 30-day trial period would be put to better use on stronger content. Sorry, Nic. I love ya, but you gotta do better than this if you want the song to re-enter the Hot 100 and become a viable hit this summer!

Click here to watch the “Regret In Your Tears” video on Tidal!

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