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Song of the Week: Maluma ‘Felices los 4’

This week’s Song of the Week comes from Latin superstar, Maluma!

In case you aren’t familiar by now (shame on you): Maluma is Colombia’s current reigning reggaeton “Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy” aka international pop prince. He is often referred to as Dad or Bae, but mostly just in my group of friends… it’s become a problem. They’re obsessed with him and have now convinced me to jump on the Muluma train too. I ain’t mad at it though, he is quite easy on the eyes.

Following the success of his hit collaborations with Ricky Martin (“Vente Pa’ Ca“) and Shakira (“Chantaje“), Maluma is ready to get things moving all on his own again with: “Felices los 4,” the lead single off of his third studio album titled X, which is also set to be his first bilingual LP.

The hot number is a slow-burning reggaeton production all about a broken relationship between two people who ended up and still have feelings with each other, but both have already found someone else – ESCANDALO! “Y si con otro pasas el rato/ Vamo’ a ser feliz, vamo’ a ser feliz/ Felices los 4/ Te agrandamos el cuarto,” he sings with his signature, confident intrigue.

I know Latin dance-pop isn’t necessarily everyone’s thing, but I am truly feeling everything Maluma at the moment so you will deal. ENJOY!

Maluma’s new single “Felices los 4” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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