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Charlie Puth Has A Case Of The Ex On New Single, ‘Attention’!

Charlie Puth has returned with a new single! “Attention,” co-written by Charlie and Jacob “J Kash” Kasher, is the first preview of Charlie‘s as-yet-untitled second studio album. Released late last night (April 20), the song tells a story that most of us are all too familiar with: An ex who won’t move on…

Amid an intro that sounds a lot like the beginning of “Fuck Apologies” by JoJo, Charlie finds himself falling for the tricks of an ex who wants to make sure that she’s never forgotten (“You don’t want my heart / You just hate the thought of me with someone else / You’re just makin’ sure I’m never gettin’ over you“) by following him to every party in LA. And what does she do when she finds him? Seduces him, of course. Does he fall for it, though? Nah. He draws a line as distinct as the one in his eyebrow: “You’re not coming home with me tonight,” he croons as the finger-snapping, bass-heavy chorus kicks in.

If any of you are in L.A this week and find yourself on Melrose, consider dropping by The Attention Room. Charlie and his label have established this interactive art space to give fans a chance to immerse themselves in the song and to physically see what the brain looks like when we receive attention (apparently they’ve designed a LED-lit infinity tunnel– sounds pretty cool). View the Attention Room website for details and scheduling, and visit Charlie’s Facebook page for a preview.

Charlie will be joining Shawn Mendes (who also put a fun new single out this week) on the Illuminate World Tour this summer, so the release of “Attention” comes at just the right time. I am sure we will see him again (see what I did there?) this summer as the song builds momentum on the charts. Radio is going to eat this up, and I fully support it. Listen to “Attention” below!

Charlie Puth’s new single “Attention” is also available on Spotify and Apple Music!

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