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Bleachers Gets A Helping Hand From Carly Rae Jepsen On ‘Hate That You Know Me’!

Jack Antonoff is on a straight-up winning streak right now… he’s killin’ it!

As previously mentioned, in between producing songs for Lorde – “Green Light” and “Liability” – and BANKS‘ latest Girls offering “Crowded Places,” the writer-singer-songwriter-producer has found the time to make another Bleachers record.

Following last month’s premiere of the spectacular lead single “Don’t Take The Money,” Jack has announced that the album is called Gone Now, along with the reveal of its official artwork, tracklist and release date (June 2).

And this week, along with the pre-order, Bleachers has dropped off our next taste of the new record: “Hate That You Know Me,” a thrilling, ’80s-inspired synth-pop number that was co-written by “Issues” hit-maker Julia Michaels and features vocals from Sam Dew and Carly Rae Jepsen, Queen of Pop and Everything Else In-Between. So basically, if any of those names makes you happy, this song is for you.

“‘Hate That You Know Me‘… That’s a lyric I’ve head in my head forever about how hard it is to be around people who know who you truly are,” Jack shared on his Twitter account. “You can’t escape yourself. Sometimes around the people who know me the best I think ‘I wish that I wasn’t myself.’ This is the harshest part of letting people in and it’s something we will celebrate live because what other way to do it. Thanks to my little choir of dear friends behind me Carly, Sam Dew, Julia M and Ella Yelich-O’Connor.”

“Also a note on the brilliant CRJ: Before anyone wanted to work with me, Carly and I did a session in 2012 for her first album,” Jack added. “We wrote a song called ‘Sweetie’ that became a bonus track. That was my FIRST song to come out with another artist. I get a lot of press for working with other artists but let it be known that Carly was the first before anyone gave a shit about me. Proud as fuck to have her on hate that you know me. Love you, Carly!”

1. Dream of Mickey Mantle
2. Goodmorning
3. Hate That You Know Me
4. Don’t take the money
5. All My Heroes
6. Everybody Lost Somebody
7. Let’s Get Married
8. Goodbye
9. I Miss Those Days
10. Nothing Is U
11. I’m Ready To Move On / Mickey Mantle (Reprise)
12. Foreign Girls

Pre-order Bleachers’ sophomore album Gone Now on iTunes now and receive two tracks instantly!

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