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Lady Gaga Heals Us With Surprise New Single, ‘The Cure’!

What a surprise! Lady Gaga fans woke up Sunday morning to amazing news—Mother Monster has released new music! And it’s good!

While playing the song live for the first time during her Coachella set late last night, Gaga told the crowd, “I’m tellin’ you, I have been through so much in my life and I’ve seen so much, and you cure me every time with your love,” before announcing that the song was available on iTunes. I turned it on hoping that it wasn’t some one-off leftover from the Joanne sessions, and I got my wish: it’s totally different. It’s 2017, it’s pop, it’s lite R&B, it’s warm and happy and fun and euphoric and summery and is going to sound great this year when she plays sold-out stadiums. That chorus is going to wreck you and make you want to use the heart-eyes emoji.

The Cure” is a distinct love song and is more romantic than what we’ve heard Stef do before. “So baby tell me yes / And I will give you everything … If I can’t find the cure / I’ll fix you with my love,” are just a few of the lyrics and one-liners you’re going to see on couples’ Instagram posts this summer, and I like this song so much, I’ll let them have it.

If it sounds like I’m a Gaga stan, I am… sometimes. I’m still on the fence about “Joanne,” but this new single— I’m totally here for it. It’s a new sound that we’re not used to hearing from her, and she’s keeping us on our toes. Some are going to say it’s safe and sounds like everything else on the radio, but I disagree. She’s even a brunette on the album art! The song was co-written by Gaga, Lukas Nelson, Nick Monson, Mark Nilan, and Paul Blair, and has already reached the #1 spot on iTunes. So, is “The Cure” just a random single? Is this already the first single from an entirely new album? Or should we just add it to our playlists and enjoy it in the moment? Only time will tell!

“The Cure” is also available now on iTunes and Spotify!

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