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Tkay Maidza Offers Up A ‘Glorious’ Unreleased Cut For ‘Girls’!

BANKS isn’t the only JonALi’sBlog fave offering some fresh new tunage to the final season of HBO’s Girls. Turns out the brains behind the hit series, Lena Dunham, is also a big fan of Tkay Maidza and reached out to the Australian genre-bender to contribute a track to the show.

That track ended up being “Glorious,” an unreleased cut from her self-titled debut sessions, included in the penultimate episode of the show’s final season. “We’re made of gold, when lighting falls/ Watch us glow in screaming color/ We break the mold, we’re bright and bold/ Electric gold, oh we’re hot blooded,” she declares before a thrilling, electro future-bass drop comes surging in for the kill on the post-hook: “We’re glorious/ We’re glorious, we’re glorious/ We’re glorious, we’re glorious.” YES, glorious we are!

“‘Girls‘ reached out to my U.S label asking if we had any unreleased songs for their final ever season as Lena knew who I was and is apparently a fan of mine,” Tkay said in a statement. “They wanted something for a party scene and I have maybe 5-10 songs that are basically finished but didn’t make the cut for my album. We thought ‘Glorious‘ could fit well so sent them that and the feedback was that Lena loved it and they wanted to use it. I love the show and it’s really crazy that they know me but I’m excited to see the track in there and for people to hear it.”

Tkay Maidza’s latest “Glorious” is also available on Apple Music now!

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