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Grace Mitchell Lives It Up In The ‘NOW’ On Enticing New Single!

Grace Mitchell is all about livin’ in the “NOW“!

The Portland-bred 19-year-old singer-songstress earned top honors here at JonALi’sBlog with the release of her two impressive EP’s, 2014’s Design and 2015’s Raceday. And ever since, she’s been straight up killin’ it on the tour front, gracing the stage at the international Apple Music Festival opening for The Weeknd, CMJ, SXSW, Austin City Limits, Bonnaroo, and Coachella in addition to touring with , JoyWave and St. Lucia.

Following the release of her feisty empowering anthem “Kids (Ain’t All Right)” at the top of the year, Grace is finally ready to get things moving along again with the release of her latest single: “NOW,” an enticing slice of uptempo deliciousness produced by Foster the People‘s Isom Innis and Matt Morris (Selena Gomez, Rachel Platten, Kimbra, etc.).

I could sign my life on the dotted line/ Maybe get some shit that just wasn’t mine/ In the end, I’d do it every time/ Take my mom on a vacation, get myself a fancy ride,” she soulfully preaches on-top of the frantic, skittering rock pulse. “Put vanilla ice on my cherry lime/ Give myself a break on the other side/ In the end, I’ll know I did it right/ Got so many friends who tell me I’m so pretty all the time.”

By the time we reach the song’s soaring chorus, it’s clear that the subject matter toys with Grace‘s newfound way of thinking – she’s in a post-fame sate of mind: “This is the end of something/ And everything’s about to change/ I did my best with nothing/ In the jungle of the accolades/ This is the end of something/ And everything’s about to change/ I did my best with nothing/ But the jungle did me in/ Forget about your friends, they’ll leave you in the end/ And don’t you wanna be in the now?/ Forget about the fame, it’s only just a game/ And don’t you wanna be in the now?

Powerhouse vocals. Impressive lyricism. Stellar production. Grace Mitchell is thoroughly “NOW“!

“NOW” is also available on Apple Music, Amazon and Google Play!

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