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MAAD’s Debut ‘Lé Funk’ EP: Required Listening Of The Week!

At the tail end of last year (when we thought the world was ending), I wrote about MAAD, a New York City based singer-songwriter who, just for the sake of a brief re-introduction, once happened to be a model (because, I mean, look at her) and likes to DJ on her spare time (same). MAAD also sounds like she was born in the wrong era; she was meant for the past but somehow she’s here now to save our sorry souls.

As a result, it’s no surprise that MAAD‘s anticipated debut, the Lé Funk EP, is an infectious start-to-finish dedication to everything retro funk and soul. Along with the previously released “Sweet & Low,” “Black Ice,” “90s Love” and the velvety smooth RO James-assisted “Touch Me,” there’s the utterly fierce, feel-good disco throb “Satisfied” and “Stingy Love,” which brings to mind BeyoncéBlow” but also just feels like a throwback to classic retro-soul, it’s a moment. Then there’s my personal fave “Lost Together,” a sublime pop daydream woven almost exclusively out of layers of dark electronica and shimmering waves of synths, as MAAD effortlessly explores new territory in the bedroom.

We can get lost together/ We can get lost together/ I wanna escape in your paradise/ So we can get lost together,” she declares on the Swede-esque escape. “Toget-her-her-her/ Together/ Toget-her-her-her/ Together.”

The 7-track set bursts at the seams; a kitchen sink of soulful vocals and rich throwback production that is dressed up with the right kind of 21st century production. And yet, there’s an underlying sense that this is only a small sampling of what MADD still has to offer.

But enough with the chit chat: Get MAAD lost now!

MAAD’s debut Lé Funk EP is also available on Apple Music, Google Play and Amazon!

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