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Michelle Branch Calls It Quits On Dreamy ‘Hopeless Romantic’ Cut, ‘Fault Line’!

It’s nearly time to channel your inner Hopeless Romantic!

With the album just one week away from dropping on April 7, Michelle Branch has gone ahead and unveiled one last tease from the upcoming set called “Fault Line,” a slow-burning ode to broken love, armed with a sweeping woosh of a chorus that is undeniably dreamy, as though snatched straight from a lost Fleetwood Mac session.

The things we say/ When we’re both mad/ We ricochet, love is on a fault line,” Michelle mournfully croons out on the chorus, her voice complimented by a galloping drum beat and subtle flares of ’80s-influnced synths. Similar to “Best You Ever,” the track heads off into a new punchy, psychedelic direction for Michelle — only this time around, she’s briefly showing off her range: “I’m scared that I am drowning in in the open sea/ Standing in the shore not even noticing/ Just when I was thinking it couldn’t be lonely any longer,” she sings. Vocally, this is one of Michelle‘s more playful offerings. The final moments, especially, are sublime.

“It’s one of my favorites. For me, the song is really about that point in a relationship where you know it’s past the point of fixing,” Michelle told HelloGiggles. “It’s beyond repair and you’re watching it unravel before your eyes. You enter with the best intentions, but no matter how hard you try or care about one another, somehow you still hurt each other.”

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