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Lea Michele Comes To The Rescue On ‘Places’ Stunner, ‘Run To You!’

Lea Michele is revealing the contents of Places, her upcoming sophomore album, little by little before it drops on April 28th. Following the release of the gorgeous lead single “Love Is Alive” and the empowering “Anything’s Possible,” the Louder goddess has debuted “Run To You,” a true stunner and quite possibly the best track yet off of the forthcoming LP.

Surrounded by solemn piano melodies and heavenly strings, Lea sweetly assures that she’ll love you and be there for you through it all – just call her name!

Let’s set fire to the lonely night/ You’re beautiful when you look at me/ Let’s give love another life,” she pleads before bursting into a soaring cry on the song’s goosebumps-inducing chorus: “Cause you’ll be safe in these arms of mine/ Just call my name on the edge of the night/ And I’ll run to you, I’ll run to you.” Similar to “Love Is Alive,” the song organically builds along an emotional production that keeps the focus entirely on Lea‘s full-bodied vocals, leading all the way to what is a genuinely epic-feeling climax. Like bam! Emotions. These runs!! Christ!!

If ever there were a Lea Michele song that deserves a full high production treatment for a major live performance at an award show or something, it’s probably this one — orchestra and all. A stunning listening, from start to finish.

“When I love someone, I really love them,” Lea told EW. “And this song is about that kind of love where you will just do anything for that person. You will run to the other side of the globe for them. You might think this song is about someone taking care of you, but it’s really about you promising to take care of someone, and if you let me love you, I will take care of you and you will be safe with me.”

Lea Michele’s sophomore album Places is available for pre-order on iTunes now!

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