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Demi Lovato Teams Up With Cheat Codes On Mediocre Duet, ‘No Promises’!

These days, artists love to collab with an EDM act as a way to get chart traction… And our pal Demi Lovato is now one of those artists.

The Grammy nominee and Queen of the Glow-Up (she’s killing the red carpet lately, there is no denying that!) has joined forces with DJ trio Cheat Codes for “No Promises.” You may recognize Cheat Codes from their 2016 track, “Sex,” which featured a sample of the Salt-N-Pepa hit “Let’s Talk About Sex.”

Lovato has spent the week teasing the collab on social media through a series of Insta-stories and photos indicating a Friday, March 30 release date. But because we all know how the internet works, the track turned up online a day early. Shocking… not!

Demi starts the song with subdued singing about jumping into a murky relationship with someone without knowing where it will go (“Just be careful / Love ain’t simple / Promise me / no promises“), while a male vocalist joins in later to make it a duet. Over the course of the three minute and forty-three second song, Demi lets loose and gives us those high notes we expect. The chorus is one of those noisy dance drop instrumentals we often hear, and… that’s really it.

As a casual Demi fan, I hate to be too negative about the song, but nothing about “No Promises” is going to blow your mind. I listened to it about five times today and I still can’t recall most of the words or even the melody. I was looking forward to a pop banger from Demetria Devonne, and while I’m happy to hear she’s not totally giving up on music in 2017, I need more. The song is perfectly serviceable as a placeholder on your going-out playlist or for casual listening by the pool this spring… But a record-breaking smash, it is not.

I still want justice for “Body Say“!

Cheat Codes and Demi Lovato’s new single “No Promises” is also available on Apple Music!

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