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Life of Dillon Get Reflective About Life On Chilled-Out Jam, ‘Focus’!

Life of Dillon have been steadily revealing cuts from their upcoming project single by single. So far, we’ve heard their positive no worries anthem “Sex For Breakfast” and the empowering “Rocks” – both great in their own right!

This week, the talented London-bred duo – Joe Femi and David Keiffer – are back at it again with yet another new offering: “Focus” featuring Joe‘s brother, L Marshall. The song is more chilled-out, nu-folk pop affair as the two trade semi-optimistic, semi-heartbreaking, semi-inspiring verses about the ups and downs of life – looking back, recalling simpler times and moving forward without any apologies.

“Said I might lose my way/ But I won’t lose myself, yeah/ It’s your life you can live how you want/ But don’t blame it on no one else,” the duo croon on the summery hook. “We all lose some, win some/ And sometimes we all need help/But do what you do/ It’s your life you can live how you want/ But don’t blame it on no one else.” It’s all very therapeutic but in a positive way, as expected from Life of Dillon.

“For us this song is therapy. We all get a lot off our chests and poured it into the music,” Joe said in a statement. “Having my eldest brother on the track, L Marshall is a blessing. We’ve been making music our entire lives and we’ve learned a lot from him and each other. This track is family.”

Life of Dillon’s latest single “Focus” is also available on Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play!

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