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Leo Kalyan Takes Us On Velvety Smooth Trip On His Latest Cut, ‘Feels Right’!

Get in the car loser, we’re going on quick escape with Leo Kalyan

Following the release of last years spectacular Outside In EP – one of 2016’s very best, the talented British multi-hyphenate (singer-songwriter-producer) has promised to drop a brand new track for us every month for the rest of 2017 – and first up, is “Feels Right,” yet another masterfully crafted slice of velvety smooth, UK-garage slinky pop.

Coastlines, great vines, everything is new/ Paper planes, gold bottles, a new shade of blue/ Road trips, sky high, doing what you do/ Real hit, real high, nothing to lose,” Leo croons before launching into the song’s dreamy and hazy hook, which is arguably one of his catchiest yet: “I don’t know where I am but it feels right/ I don’t know where I am but it feels right, feels right.”

“‘Feels Right‘ is about being lost in an unknown place and finding peace in that sense of unfamiliarity,” Leo said in a statement. “It was inspired by a road trip I took across Andalusia in southern Spain, and continues to focus on the theme of being an outsider, which I explored in my last EP. However, ‘Feels Right‘ is a different perspective on what that means. Here, it’s about being able to exist outside of the labels put on me. It’s all about escapism: Finding a place where you can listen to yourself, rather than the voices telling you who or what you should be.”

With each track, Leo‘s only continuing to add more depth and dimension to his steadily growing catalog. He stays consistent! Is there no end to this? I sure hope not…

Leo Kalyan’s new single “Feels Right” is also available on Spotify and Apple Music!

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