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Nelly Furtado Takes Us On An Emotional Trip On ‘The Ride’ Stunner, ‘Phoenix’!

So far, Nelly Furtado‘s released her melancholic, and thoroughly dreamy “Pipe Dreams,” the hard-hitting empowerment anthem “Cold Hard Truth” and the edgy and personal “Flatline.” And now, we arrived at “Phoenix” from her upcoming album The Ride – the moving album standout.

On “Phoenix,” Nelly keeps it mostly raw – she requires no modern production or trend-hopping radio tricks, which is largely why “Phoenix” is so compelling: The song organically builds along a slow-moving piano melody and spacey atmospherics, leading all the way to what is a genuinely a stunning climax that never over does it. “You’re gonna be alright/ You’re gonna be alright again,” Nelly assures throughout.

Getting some serious Whoa Nelly! vibes from this one, and I’m not mad at it one bit – LOVE!

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