JoJo: ‘FAB.’ (‘Mad Love’ Tour) Prize Pack Giveaway – Enter Now!

Got some fake-ass bitches in your life? Do they smile in your face, but behind you, it ain’t well wishes? Tired of the gossip? Think you had enough?

Well, hey – stay “FAB.” and “don’t worry about ’em, middle fingers up!” This contest is for YOU! Yes, you. True lover of Mad Love and all things Queen JoJo.

JonALi is proud to be giving away a special JoJo “FAB.” prize pack in support of her Mad Love Tour. The prize pack includes special remix EP of “FAB.” (feat. Remy Ma), a copy of Mad Love, and a JoJo ‘Mad Love‘ hoodie (see pic below)!

To enter to win, comment below with your favorite track off of Mad Love or simply follow me on Twitter and tweet out: “No time for these fake-ass bitches @Jon_ALi #MadLove! Three winners will be randomly selected and notified by the end of the month. Enter below…



  1. VIBE. Which should be her next single is my fave track! πŸ™‚

  2. High Heels! Jojo is queen!

  3. I Can Only is one of the best songs i’ve ever heard. And that’s not an exageration at all, that song is so f*ucking great I could listen to it all day. Plus I NEED that gorgeous hoodie in my life.

  4. FAB for sure! How about a hand for the real ones. Had my back since day one

  5. Good Thing. Although I also love I Can Only and hope it’s her next single so she gets the radio hit she deserves.

  6. MUSIC is my favorite track.

  7. Good Thing

  8. F*ck Apologies

  9. Fav track has to be I AM. was waiting for the studio version for so long πŸ™‚

  10. Definitely VIBE. followed closely by Good Thing. I love all of her upbeat, feel good songs.

  11. Edibles because who doesn’t like to take some edibles and listen to Jo?? Plus she gives me that good thing

  12. The whole album is flawless but if you are going to make me pick only one… then its GOOD THING.

    But i love Honest, Like this, i can only, i am, and clovers! gahh they’re all soo good. i cant believe we were forced to spend soo many years without her talented voice!

    By the way i would really love to sport that hoodie πŸ˜‰

  13. I am. Is for sure my favorite track it stands for amazing things and how everyone should be themselves without regret. Everyone is such a masterpiece and should be cherished.

    I saw this hoodie last night in Chicago but I couldn’t get it. πŸ™

  14. Music is so touching and makes me cry so many tears, but I am rebuilds those tears to show me (and everyone) we are all worthy of love and should be loved for being ourself, both these songs have an important message!

  15. The whole album is really good, but it’s gonna have to be Music. for me. It’s such a beautiful song to her father. Gets me every time!

  16. Edibles. because the song is so sexy and effortless. You just feel good when you bump it. It was tailor made for her voice and I was so excited when I heard she was singing soulful songs like this on Mad Love. The entire album is great, but that’s one that took me by surprise and I love it for that.

  17. Since you king me pick gotta now with,,,,


  18. Music is my fave from the album. Everything about this song is amazing. The vocals, lyrics and the background piano music is just amazing and perfect.

  19. At first it was Edibles. but then I listened to Clovers. during a dark time in my life and it made me feel alive again.

  20. Honest is my fave song off the album but the whole project is brilliant. She didn’t perform it at her SF show but she absolutely killed it live. I didn’t get any merch so this hoodie would be amazing!

  21. Like This. !!

    “He told me that he like this… he like this” yessss πŸ™‚

  22. Favorite track is..so hard to choose! But I guess Good Thing always has a way of cheering me up so that’s my fave!

    Thanks for doing this contest; that hoodie looks awesome!

  23. Ahhhh, it’s so tough to choose my favorite track off Mad Love! In all seriousness though, I relate most to “I Am”. I love when JoJo isn’t afraid to let her walls down completely and share her vulnerability with the world. So for me, I Am is my favorite track off Mad Love! Sidenote- thanks for doing this contest! I would looooove to win that Mad Love hoodie & wear it proudly!

  24. Honest! Easily my favorite!

  25. Favorite track is reckless and vibe

  26. my favorite track is “music” because i lost my father & that song just hits home for me . its amazing .

  27. High Heels! Such an amazing Rihanna-esque song!

  28. RISE UP!!!! Thats definitely my jam on my repeat always! Love you JonAli!!! Been following you since i was in 8th grade and now im 25! U inspire me!

  29. MUSIC

  30. Rise up

  31. MUSIC is my favorite song, it’s such a heartfelt and beautiful ballad. I love the dedication to her father and how she talks about how hard her mother worked. It is relatable and she puts into words experiences I’ve had in a way I could have never thought to. I have so much love and respect for JoJo.

  32. HONEST. is the best track on Mad Love πŸ™‚

  33. HONEST. is the best track on Mad Love!

  34. I love Honest! It’s on my sex playlist πŸ™‚

  35. I Am. <3333 Such a beautiful song!

  36. My favorite song is Clovers. Just saw Jojo in concert, she was incredible!!!

  37. RISE UP ✨

  38. CLOVERS.!!! hands down one of the best from Mad Love.

  39. I really love Rise Up. Love they way they back her vocals. Such a big song.

  40. ViBE!! Every track on Mad Love is absolute fire! The wait was worth it! Love my girl JoJo!!

  41. JoJo is my favorite artist, hands down. So hard to choose a favorite track off this album! I’d have to say Mad Love. #shehastherange

  42. High heels!!!!! FAB is my jam too!! JoJo is on Love her

  43. any winners yet?

  44. I can only drink what I wanna drink
    I can only say what I wanna say
    I can only think what I wanna think
    Don’t hate me, don’t hate
    I can only love who I wanna love
    I can only smoke what I wanna smoke
    I can only fuck who I wanna fuck

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