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Jon ALi Exclusive Premiere: JoLivi ‘Love Who You Wanna Love’ (Dave Audé Remix)

It’s time to get the dance floor blazin’ with the one you wanna love…

Up-and-comer JoLivi may not be a name you’re familiar with around these parts, but she’s certainly captured my attention now with her latest single “Love Who You Wanna Love,” the official follow-up to her Just For You EP. The track offers encouragement and support at a time when many people are being told it’s dangerous to be their true and their full selves. In writing the track, Jo aimed to reinforce its main message, “Be who you want to be, love who you wanna love, change if you want to change. Just think with your heart instead.”

This track begins a new conversation for JoLivi, personally and as an artist. “‘Love Who You Wanna Love‘ is a expression of how I believe everyone should go through life—and that is without judgment,” she told Bust Magazine. “I’ve had friends struggle through times of confusion on their orientation and before my own experience I had always encouraged them to break free and not care about what anyone else will think of them. But I now know that it is extremely difficult.”

In support of the uplifting number, JoLivi has unleashed a slay-worthy Dave Audé remix to “Love Who You Wanna Love,” and its premiering exclusively here on JonALi’sBlog today (March 10)! The Dave Audé facelift takes the emotional number to higher level by packing it with infectious synthesizers and wild whipping electro-beats… it’s an all-out moody dance banger now! And hearing her growl “Love Who You Wanna Love” on top of those fist-pump friendly beats? GOLD!

JoLivi’s new single “Love Who You Wanna Love” is available on iTunes now!

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