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Lorde Bares It All On Devastating ‘Melodrama’ Ballad, ‘Liability’!

Exactly one week ago, Lorde made her grand return with “Green Light,” a frantic and hopeful, epic-sounding instant earworm, produced by Bleachers frontman Jack Antonoff and Frank Dukes.

But as the slow piano notes come softly lingering into the speakers within the first few moments of “Liability” – the latest pre-order great track/non-single from her upcoming sophomore album Melodrama, due out on June 16 – the electro-pop princess of Pure Heronie already feels like a distant memory from years ago.

Gone are the moody atmospherics and processed beats, the Jack Antonoff-produced track – which dropped today (March 9) with absolutely no warning, no teasers or hints – sees the songstress ditching the glitchy beats of her impressive debut in favor of lonesome piano melodies and earnest, lullaby-tinged crooning. The result is easily one of her most personal and intimate offerings yet, as Lorde bares her soul atop the much more raw, organic production. “Baby really hurt me/ Crying in the taxi/ He don’t wanna know me/ Says he made the big mistake of dancing in my storm/ Says it was poison/ So I guess I’ll go home,” Lorde tenderly croons, sounding bruised and defeated. “They say, you’re a little much for me/ You’re a liability/ You’re a little much for me/ So they pull back, make other plans/ I understand, I’m a liability.”

Yes, the song is a tad depressing. And while the subject might suggest that Lorde‘s headed to a very dark place, she’s not. The outro: “They’re gonna watch me/ Disappear into the sun/ You’re all gonna watch me/ Disappear into the sun….

All hope isn’t lost, she’s at least moving into the light – but making it devastatingly clear that she’s been THROUGH IT. Simply stunning!

Lorde’s latest “Liability” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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