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Jennifer Hudson Goes Back To Basics On New Single ‘Remember Me’!

Jennifer Hudson is back on the music side of things with new single “Remember Me“!

The track – co-written by Jamie Hartman – is the lead single off of the 35-year-old entertainer’s fourth studio album, which is expected to hit stores later this year via Epic Records and will serve as her debut record for the L.A Reid helmed label.

Having indulged (mostly) in some euphoria on the dance floor with 2014’s underrated JHUD, “Remember Me” finds Jennifer returning back to more familiar grounds – one which lets her voice take the “Spotlight.” The puns write themselves!

So do you remember me/ In those moments just before you fall asleep/ I know you/ Remember me/ Promise me that it doesn’t make your heart beat,” she belts on the choir-assisted hook. In usual JHUD fashion, it’s a melodic midtempo vocal-showcasing ballad that’s chock full of heavy emotions.

And, also in usual Jennifer Hudson fashion, it’s a lead single that probably shouldn’t be a lead single, and will likely be forgotten after a few weeks before she gives us something to talk about on the next go round. Don’t get me wrong, I love me a JHUD ballad, but something about this just feels dated.

“As an artist, when I discover music that I connect with deeply, it brings me a sense of excitement that I can’t put into words,” Jennifer said in a statement. “That’s how I feel about “Remember Me”. Everything about it is special – from co-writing it with Jamie, to the recording process, to how it made me feel along the way. I just can’t wait to share it with the world.”

Jennifer Hudson’s new single “Remember Me” is also available on Apple Music!

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  • John Jackson (@johnjackson6666)

    Remember Me” is a well written song co-wrote by Jennifer Hudson. Ms. Hudson appears to be in the right lane when it comes to her new song “Remember Me.” Fans have waited patiently for this type of song and she soars effortlessly without question of her true talent (nothing out dated). I can feel the raw emotions she gives to this song which connects with me and others. The Harmony’s are superb with no over singing when you hear the chorus and melody’s. The ending fade out is also great in which you get to hear her lowery registry voice instead of a large note heading to the moon (we all know she can blow the roof off of a house, sometimes less is best). Fans and new fans will remember Jennifer Hudson with this strong mid tempo ballad. Ms. Hudson has a hit on her hands with this song and being on ‘The Voice’ UK doesn’t hurt promoting this single.

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