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Betty Who Lends A Helping Hand With ‘The Valley’s Pop Stunner ‘You Can Cry Tomorrow’!

Throw away the kleenex, loser: Betty Who‘s here to save you tonight.

So far, she’s released her late-night fix anthem, the Justin Bieber-y “Human Touch” and the genuinely wonderful “Some Kinda Wonderful” off of her upcoming album, The Valley. And now, we’ve arrived at “You Can Cry Tomorrow,” a track that is just as euphoric and insanely addictive as the rest of what we’ve already heard – but this one just may be my favorite of the bunch yet!

You Can Cry Tomorrow” is a blissful, ’80s-tinged rush of Betty‘s signature swooning that sees the songstress sweetly assuring that she’ll be there for you when you’re going through a tough break-up. “It’s 5 PM, you’re still in bed/ Get outta your head/ This isn’t the end/ You took a hit/ Let’s burnish it/ Get off of the ledge/ It’s time to pretend,” she sings as the hammering drums and waves and waves of synths begin to fill the speakers. “A bought a bottle of Moscato/ You’ll be drunk until tomorrow/ Girl, I know you’re broken-hearted/ Rip it out and we’ll restart it again.”

The lyrics are the stuff of nostalgic teenage dreams, and the uplifting chorus is one hell of a treat: “I got you right now/ I’m holding you down/ You’ll never be alone/ Never on your own/ I know, it’s been hard/ To fight, the worst part/ So dance with me tonight/ Baby, you can cry tomorrow.”

Like the best of Betty, “You Can Cry Tomorrow” is polished to perfection and filled with non-stop sweet, unpretentious, wonderfully, earnest pop melodies. It’s simply sublime – Betty‘s still got it!

Betty Who’s latest “You Can Cry Tomorrow” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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