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Calvin Harris Makes Sweet, Sunny Disco Magic With Frank Ocean & Migos On ‘Slide’!

Calvin Harris is king in the art-form that is feel good dance-pop, we know this: From “You Used To Hold Me” to “Feel So Close” to “We Found Love” to “How Deep Is Your Love” to most recently “This Is What You Came For,” he’s more than proven capable of supplying undeniably joyous and euphoric earworms time and time again. We love him for it.

He’s mission statement for 2017: “All my songs in 2017 have been sonically designed to make you feel fucking incredible.” I’ll take it! First up to bat in 2017 is Calvin‘s much-buzzed collaboration with Frank Ocean and “Bad and Boujee” hit-makers Migos: “Slide“!

Ironically, despite the expected hype revolving the song, “Slide” is an incredibly casual, laid-back disco groove destined to become one of the spring’s defining smashes: Sliding across shimmering, guitar riffs and light electronica pulsations, Frank lays down his velvety smooth vocals across the sunny tune. “Do you slide on all your nights like this?/ Do you try on all your nights like this? (I might)/ Put some spotlight on the slide/ Whatever comes, comes too clear/ Do you slide on all your nights like this?,” he croons. It’s the most mainstream we’ve heard him yet, and it absolutely works.

But it’s the second half, as the distorted robo-like verses from Migos come gurgling into the speakers that the song morphs into a infectious West Coast-style hip-hop track, evoking classic throwback-moments from the ’90s with a fresh new take.

Sure, Calvin‘s latest disco jam isn’t exactly a life-changing sonic revolution from the talented hit-maker: If anything, it’s a refreshing rejection of what electronica’s become as of late: No EDM post-chorus drops. That, in and of itself, makes this a standout collaboration. I LIVE!

Calvin Harris’ new single “Slide” with Frank Ocean & Migos is also available on Apple Music!

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