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Michelle Branch Releases Video For ‘Hopeless Romantic’, Remains Cool & Iconic!

Michelle Branch has premiered the music video for her comeback single “Hopeless Romantic,” and it’s all sorts of moody gorgeousness – Michelle‘s back in full force!

Directed by her pal, photographer Brian Higbee, the video sees the “Everywhere” songstress twirling ’round in some sort of abandoned warehouse, playing her guitar and basically just doing what Michelle Branch does best. There’s also some scenes where she sings in the rain and in a car and that’s the beauty of it all, really! It looks and feels like a classic Michelle video. (The “Are You Happy Now?“-style effects also helps to achieve that aesthetic.)

No over-the-top distractions, just Michelle Branch being effortlessly classy and more cool than the rest of us – WIN! “His stuff always skews a little bit darker,” Michelle told EW, “and I wanted this to be darker. I haven’t had a video out in so long, so I wanted to push the envelope in that sense, and not have something that was ‘cheery’ or what people expect from me.”

Michelle Branch’s new single “Hopeless Romantic” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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