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Lana Del Rey Returns To The Ethereal Dreamy Sound Of Her Debut With New Single ‘Love’ – LISTEN!

Lana Del Rey, Queen of the West Coast and getting high by the beach, had us all SHOOK yesterday (February 17) when random promotional posters for something called “Love” starting popping up all across Los Angeles.

Lana clearly had planned to premiere “Love,” the lead single from her forthcoming Honeymoon follow-up, sometime in the next few days, but since nothing is sacred in this world, it’s arrived a bit early. And… it’s absolutely everything.

Love” is the gorgeous collaboration between pop hit-maker Benny Blanco and Lana‘s frequent collaborators Emile Haynie and Rick Nowels (the producers responsible for helping craft much of Born To Die and so on). It’s full of the signature sounds that took up much of her classic debut, including those lonesome quivering vocals, swaggering strides of piano, warbling noises in the distance and of course, those dreamy cinematic strings.

The build-up is gradual as expected, but she truly seals the deal once the chorus strikes: “You get ready, you get all dressed up/ To go nowhere in particular/ back to work or the coffee shop/ doesn’t matter because it’s enough/ to be young and love/ to be young and love,” she declares with her classic howl above the song’s striding beat, bringing to mind The Great Gatsby‘s “Young & Beautiful” or even “Ride” from Born To Die The Paradise Edition. It’s ethereal, majestic, and feels even more massive than anything she’s put out in awhile.

I am straight-up in heaven, “Love” is just absolute perfection. From the moment you press play everything else slips away and nothing else matters. Long live the Coney Island Queen!

Lana Del Rey’s new single “Love” is available now on Apple Music and Spotify!

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