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Nelly Furtado Pleads For Guidance On Aggressive ‘The Ride’ Cut, ‘Flatline’!

Nelly Furtado has been steadily revealing cuts from her upcoming album The Ride single by single. So far, we’ve heard the thoroughly dreamy “Pipe Dreams” and the feisty game changer “Cold Hard Truth” – my favorite offering yet!

This week, the Canadian diva is back at it again with the next taste off of The Ride: “Flatline,” a deeper and more emotional cut which sees Nelly crying out for guidance on-top of John Congleton‘s gritty cluster of digitized electro beats and pop-rock instrumentals. “I don’t feel nothing at all/ I don’t feel nothing at all/ Come on, resuscitate me/ Why don’t you come and save me?,” Nelly pleads on the shout-y hook.

Flatline” abounds in hard pads and aggressive percussion, showcasing a more edgy side of Nelly, much like “Cold Hard Truth” before it – Listen below!

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