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Mary J. Blige Turns A Negative Into A Positive On ‘U + Me (Love Lesson)’!

Mary J. Blige is in a very personal state of mind. . .

Following the release of breakup anthem “Thick Of It” back in October, the undisputed Queen of Hip Hop Soul continues to keep her divorce in the equation on: “U + Me (Love Lesson),” the second official single from her forthcoming album, Strength of a Woman.

But before we get into all that, can we all just take a second and admire Mary‘s flawless single artwork. Obvious photoshop aside, the woman is 46-years-old and still looks incredible. Okay, back to the music…

Much like “Thick Of It,” “U + Me (Love Lesson)” finds Mary reflecting on the end of her relationship. “Tell me what you’re thinking ’cause this is what you wanted/ Should’ve been the one to hold me when I got lonely/ ‘Cause every time I think of the lies you told to me/ Make it easy for me to leave,” she sings before diving into the song’s melodic soulful hook: “You plus me was a love lesson/ In too deep without imperfection/ Not always good, but I stay home phene/ You had me, should’ve never questioned/ You plus me was a love lesson.”

And then comes the bridge, where the sob fest takes a positive turn. Mary‘s learned her lesson: “Gotta keep on pushing and love myself through the hard times/ Gotta keep my patience, still a long way to go now. There’s so much to learn.”

Well, dang. This is why I love this woman, Mary pours her heart out on everything she does and you truly feel it. Forever taken to church – LOVE!

Mary J. Blige’s new single “U + Me (Love Lesson)” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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