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Selena Gomez Makes Sweet Tropical Magic With Kygo On ‘It Ain’t Me’!

Selena Gomez, queen of killin’ em with kindness, and Kygo, of “Firestone” and “Stole The Show” tropical dance-pop greatness, have been teasing their collaboration, “It Ain’t Me,” for what feels like years now on Instagram.

The two talented hit-makers planned to premiere their new tune today (February 16), and as promised, it’s here in its full glroy.

The tune is thoroughly a Kygo production, following the same tropical beat breakdown build-up atheistic we’ve all grown to love from the master crafter. Selena on the other hand sounds legitimately good as she croons about a past lover on top of Kygo‘s pulsating, poolside-ready beats. “Who’s waking up to drive you home/ When you’re drunk and all alone?/ Who’s gonna walk you/ Through the dark side of the morning?/ It ain’t me.” The distant howls towards the end are especially infectious and a nice additional plus. But if I’m being honest….

For a “brand new stand-alone” Kygo production, it’s solid and sweet but far from groundbreaking, placing it firmly in the running for widespread radio adoption but far from SMASH title status. It’s no “Stole The Show,” nor is it a “Hands To Myself,” but it’ll definitely do, Kylena. What do you guys think?

Kygo & Selena Gomez’s new single “It Ain’t Me” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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