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Maroon 5 Continue To Be Average At Best On ‘Cold’ Feat. Future!

It feels like Maroon 5 just poop out hit after hit at this point…

After scoring another Top 10 smash with the Kendrick Lamar-assisted “Don’t Wanna Know,” Adam Levine and co. have decided to move forward with “Cold,” yet another rap-assisted single from their upcoming sixth studio album. Teaming up with Future this time around, “Cold” will serve as the second official single from their as-of-yet-untitled follow-up to 2014’s V.

The track, produced and written alongside John Ryan, Phil Shaouy and Jacob Kasher, is kind of like the darker, moodier, more mysterious sibling to “Don’t Wanna Know” as we see Adam singing about a lover who has indeed turned, yes, cold. “Cold enough to chill my bones/ It feels like I don’t know you anymore/ I don’t understand why you’re so cold to me/ With every breath you breathe/ I see there’s something going on/ I don’t understand why you’re so cold,” he sings on-top of chilly atmospherics, hard-hitting bass knocks and rhythmic dance beats.

While I definitely prefer “Cold” over “Don’t Wanna Know,” this whole era so far is coming off a bit safe for my taste. Here’s hoping what lies ahead is a bit more forward-thinking… What do you guys think?

UPDATE: Maroon 5 have just dropped the trippy, mini-film for “Cold“!

Maroon 5’s new single “Cold” feat. Future is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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