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MAAD Makes Sweet, Sensual R&B Magic With Ro James On ‘Touch Me’!

After making waves with her deliciously good “90’s Love” back in December, NYC-based model-turned-DJ-turned-singer-songstress MAAD‘s already back at it with another slice of velvety smooth R&B suited perfectly for your upcoming Valentine’s Day evening.

Unlike the slightly, well, nostalgic feel of “90’s Love,” her latest debut EP cut titled “Touch Me” featuring the Grammy-nominated Ro James is a purely heaven-sent, electronic daydream that sways back and forth between chilled-out bass grooves, hand claps and striking guitar groans.

I like the way you touch me/ Slow and easy, rolling down the highway/ With my hair in the wind (yeah)/ Baby come touch me,” MAAD and Ro softly sing together atop of the slow burning production. “I’m lonely, and I need you to hold me/ But take it easy, I hope you’re there waiting by the stairwell/ Closer every minute I wait bay, yeah yeah uuh/ Come on, yeah.”

It’s as sexy as it is soothing, the kind of song that is sure to get you in the mood for some bed lovin’: “Touch me baby, give it to me/ Touch me baby good/ Touch me baby, give it to me/ Put your back into,” the duo demand on the dreamy hook, bringing both the sensual soulfulness of Jessie Ware and Miguel to mind, as well as the classic feel of Prince. It’s truly something…

“‘Touch Me‘ is one of the first records I recorded for the EP. The vibe and energy of that song helped mold the sound of my upcoming project,” MAAD said in a statement. “I really wanted to create something that felt gritty and sensual at the same time. I’ve always been a fan of music that takes you on a journey and feels retro. Ro is a long-time friend of mine so it was easy writing on this with him and I really love what he brought to the track.”

MAAD’s new single “Touch Me” feat. Ro James is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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