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Brooke Candy & Sia Release Their Demons On Uplifting Pop Anthem, ‘Living Out Loud’!

Okay, Brooke Candy, I guess I can kind of fucks with you now…

After spending the last few years trying to crave out a space for herself in this crowded musical landscape with a variety of mediocre genre-blurring single releases – from “Opulence” to “Rubber Band Stacks” to “Happy Days” to “Nasty” to “Paper or Plastic,” the singing-rapping songstress may have finally released a single worthy of praise with her latest: “Living Out Loud” featuring Sia, the “official” lead single from her long-awaited debut LP.

And honestly, truly, in more ways than one… It’s all thanks to Sia. “Initially we met because she said she just wanted to write one song for me, and that turned into: ‘I’m going to executive produce your first album, help you get a record deal, find you decent, nice, honest management, and help you make the art you want to make from a place of positive mental health and love’. After that first meeting, she kind of just took over my project — and when I say took over, I mean she helped me fix every aspect of my life,” Brooke revealed to Noisey back in March.

“The new record we’ve been working on together has a strong message, but the sound is more polished. I’ve been describing it as thoughtful pop, like Luscious Jackson meets Smashing Pumpkins meets Madonna,” Brooke added. “The melodies are clean and bubbly, but the message is real. I want to make music that makes people feel some sort of bliss. That makes people want to spread some sort of love and light onto this planet because I think we’re in a sort of dark age and the planet really needs it. I trust Sia, and I think if I can promote my message on a larger scale and I can reach more people just by kind of polishing my sound a bit, there’s nothing wrong with that. I think it’s smart, and I have to do it. I actually have something to say. Once I have this platform that I’ve been working so hard to gain, my voice will be used and my voice will be heard.”

Living Out Loud” is the natural, pop-oriented evolution Brooke has been needing: The Sia, Geoffrey Early, Priscilla Renea and Greg Kurstin-penned, Jesse Shatkin-produced track is an uplifting burst of energy, full of ever-changing dance beats, soaring Sia belting, melodies for days and a one hell of a smash chorus that’ll have you running to the confessional. “No, nothing can stop me now (Gonna live out loud)/ And no one can break me down (Gonna live out loud)/ I’m screaming my demons out (Gonna live out loud)/ ‘Cause living out loud, is the only way I know how.”

Sure, it’s got Sia‘s signature stamp all over it but when has that ever done anyone any wrong? Brooke may actually have a chance at scoring a hit with this one – I say, WIN!

Brooke Candy’s new single “Living Out Loud” feat. Sia is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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