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Song of the Week: Adrian Lux ‘All Aloud’

This week’s Song of the Week comes from Adrian Lux!

The Swedish producer, who’s best known for his Grammy-nominated single “Teenage Crime,” isn’t one to drop out tons of releases throughout a year. The last time we got a proper release from him was back in 2015 with “Torn Apart.” He’s been missed…

THANKFULLY: Adrian‘s officially done being silent, he’s back with a massive follow-up single called: “All Aloud,” a melodic shape-shifting number that fuses his signature “Teenage Crime” indie-like sound with soft melodic riffs, smooth guitar progressions, pop-like overtones, and a sick future-bass drop towards the end to top it off. “We are all around, we are all aloud a chance/ We are waking up, breaking up forever/ forever,” the mysterious female vocalist purrs throughout on the mesmerizing production.

Progressing into what feels like three different parts, “All Aloud” is another testament to Adrian‘s limitless abilities. This tune is bound to impress all crowds, so make sure to scream “All Aloud” for Adrian Lux – Get into it!

“I’m very excited for this song to see the light of day,” Adrian said in a statement. “Its been a dreamy journey working on it and I’m very happy with the outcome. For me it’s one of the best songs I have ever released.”

Adrian Lux’s new single “All Aloud” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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