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Vardaan Arora Gets Lost In Some Toxic Lovin On ‘Poison’!

Too high. Can’t come down. Vardaan Arora is on that “Poison,” spinning ’round and ’round!

The New Delhi-born singer-songwriter on the rise – who I introduced back in July – became quite the welcome surprise last year, having supplied us with the utterly killer “Feel Good Song” and oh-so-catchy “Just Like That.” But why stop there?

This month, Vardaan‘s dropped yet another new track: “Posion,” a synth-heavy cut that sees the silky-voiced crooner getting lost in some dangerous lovin’ above a thrilling, future-bass production. “And you’re poison/ but I can’t complain/ And you’re venom fills my brain,” he confesses above hard-hitting pulsations and cosmic synthesizers. It’s truly a trip!

“Lyrically, the song is about something or someone toxic in your life that you keep around even though you know it’s terrible for you. This could be a person, a habit, or a relationship – anything, really,” Vardaan told CelebMix. “To me, ‘Poison’ is about a toxic aspect of your life that you keep around knowing very well that it’s bad for you. Going back to something you said you’ll never go back to is a relatable concept. Whether it’s a relationship, a friend, or just a bad habit – everyone has, or at least has had, their own ‘Poison’.”

With each track, Vardaan‘s only continuing to add more depth and dimension to his steadily growing catalog. Get familiar now!

Vardaan’s latest single “Poison” is also available on Spotify!

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