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LÉON Picks Up The Pace On Shimmery New Single ‘Sleep Deprived’!

At this point, LÉON is no stranger ’round these parts.

The gorgeous Swedish singer-songstress has been consistently making bigger and bigger waves across the blogosphere and beyond with each new taste of music over the last year, from the beginning with her Treasure EP in 2015 all the way up to her more recent releases, “Talk About It” and the devastatingly beautiful “Liar.”

Lucky for us, LÉON is showing no signs of slowing down on the music front. In celebration of kicking off her first U.S. headlining tour on February 1st, LÉON has dropped her brand new single: “Sleep Deprived,” a shimmering and sleek synth-pop number all about a relationship taking a turn for the worst. “The way that it burns, glass under my nails/ An itch, I can’t scratch when I hear your name/ My baby got me sleep deprived/ So what you saying, what you saying now?,” she sings on the soaring chorus. “When it was we, I played like a child/ But now that it’s gone I’m fucked up inside/ My baby got me sleep deprived/ So what you saying, what you saying now?

This one fits nicely right alongside her debut cuts “Treasure” and “Nobody Cares,” but still manages to turn things up a notch. Honestly though, this girl can do no wrong in my book – the vocal quality is just top notch!

“‘Sleep Deprived‘ is a song I wrote years ago, so I’m really happy to finally share it with people,” LÉON said in a statement. “To me It’s kind of about that moment a relationship turns sour, and when you start to play the blame game.”

LÉON’s new single “Sleep Deprived” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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