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Missy Elliott Makes Her Proper Return With ‘I’m Better’ Surprise Drop!

Y’all, Missy Elliott has pulled a surprise drop on us!

But before we get into all that, let’s talk: Missy ‘Misdemeanor’ Elliott is a straight-up legend in every sense of the word. FACT! If we’re being honest though, Missy hasn’t had a solid hit since 2005’s still amazing “Lose Control.” Her last two revival attempts with longtime collaborator Pharrell Williams — “WTF (Where They From)” and “Pep Rally” — were hardly anything life changing as happy as we were to have her back. Yeah, I said it!

Thankfully, Missy‘s just released new single “I’m Better” and its accompanying Dave Meyers-directed music video is a step in the right direction: Missy‘s looking fierce and futuristic, the creativity is on full display and the song itself is actually quite good. FINALLY!

Produced by Lamb (Beyoncé, Monica) and written by Missy herself, “I’m Better” sees the hip-hop trailblazer spitting some fresh rhymes on-top of icy, trap-infused beats instead of trying to rehash some of her past hits – a la “WTF (Where They From).”

This is exactly the kind of Missy we want to be hearing and seeing in 2017. BRAVO MAMA! Along with “I’m Better,” Missy has also announced and shared a teaser of her upcoming documentary that is set to follow this year – Check it out below!

Missy Elliott’s new single “I’m Better” is also available on Apple Music, Google Play and Spotify!

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