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‘Cold Hard Truth’: Nelly Furtado Debuts ‘The Ride’ Game Changer!

Buckle up bitches, Nelly Furtado ain’t playing around anymore…

After treating us to her “Pipe Dreams” to help tide us over back in November, Nelly Furtado — aka Promiscuous Queen — has returned with “Cold Hard Truth,” another reassuring taste off of her upcoming album The Ride (due out March 31) – and now, I am legitimately SHOOK.

Cold Hard Truth” feels like the natural, pop-oriented evolution we’ve been waiting for: The (presumably) John Congleton-helmed track twists and turns, crashes and bounces itself in between rapidly changing tempos, leaping from smoothly crooned verses, to spirited yells – “coming, coming, coming” and “hovering, hovering, hovering” – to an almighty, “Maneater“-like power pop-rock chorus: “But the cold hard truth is/ I can make it without you/ And the cold hard truth is I’ve been waiting, and winded/ And as I fly away, you fly your life away/ ‘Cause you and I were meant/ We were meant to be alone/ alone, alone/ We were meant to be alone/ Alone, laying low.”

Nelly‘s infectious, passionate delivery feels fresh and nostalgic all at once, while the electric-guitar pulses and crashing drums are giving me all sorts of No Doubt-like vibes. And yeah, sure, it might not exactly scream POP SMASH, but “Cold Hard Truth” is undeniably a fantastic song from the very first play, loaded with melodic hooks and punchy rhythms for days. This is what I call a comeback, ladies, gents and mo’s.

1. Cold Hard Truth
2. Flatline
3. Carnival Games
4. Live
5. Paris Sun
6. Sticks and Stones
7. Magic
8. Pipe Dreams
9. Palaces
10. Tap Dancing
11. Right Road
12. Phoenix

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