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Cascada Save 2017 With Glorious Comeback Anthem, ‘Run’!

Just when you thought #NewMusicFriday couldn’t get any better, Cascada go ahead and make their life-altering return!

It ’twas seven years ago, back in the glorious year of 2006, the German dance-pop trio – Natalie Horler, DJ Manian and DJ Yanou – had our bodies touching all over the dance floor with their breakout Top 10 hit, “Everytime We Touch.” From there, they were able to enjoy mini moments of resurgence thanks to 2007’s “What Hurts The Most” and 2009’s “Evacuate the Dancefloor.” Still, even though they’ve put a number of singles since – “Pyromania” to “Blink” to “Reason” – Cascada never managed to stick anywhere but the European market.

Fast forward to present day – Donald Trump America, Cascada have officially returned to save our sorry souls with the premiere of their new single called “Run“! And unexpectedly, the song is exactly the kind of reassuring anthem truly necessary during these trying times.

What can we do now?/ Now life is blurry/ What can we do now?/ Share the love/ What are we doing here?/ Now life is hunting us into the wrong,” Natalie ponders on the synth-driven pre-chorus. Like these lyrics are scary real, y’all: “Until we run/ High of the love we’d rather be living on (Faces in the sun)/ Until we run/ High of the love we’d rather be living on/ Living on,” she cries out on the soaring chorus.

It’s a mantra for the year: Run! Share the love! “Take a step across the line,” and fight for what’s right, bitches! Okay, I may be overdramatizing the lyrics a bit (I know I am), but ain’t it all oddly fitting? Cascada, our 2017 saviors – BLESS!

Cascada’s new single “Run” is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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