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Song of the Week: POWERS ‘Dance’

This week’s Song of the Week comes from rising dance-pop duo POWERS!

The LA-based twosome – made up of singer-songwriter-producer Mike Del Rio and singer-songwriter Crista Ru – got us all grooving last summer with their thoroughly uplifting “Sunshine,” and now, they’re doing it all over again with their latest single: “Dance,” the lead single off of their upcoming full-length debut album Alpha, expected to drop on April 7 via Republic Records. WOOT! WOOT!

It’s a quintessential summertime bop, complete with a immediately catchy hook tailor-made for cruising, top down, hands in the sky moments – or you know, your after the after party late night binger. Truly, no matter where you’re listening to it, it’s gonna make you want to… “Dance.” It lives up to its title and then some!

“We actually wrote this song almost 2 years ago at my first studio off of Selma ave in Hollywood. It was next to a crack house and I shared a wall with a terrible ‘chug’ rock band… place was an absolute shithole,” Mike said in a statement on Facebook. “If you couldn’t already tell, Crista and I are heavily engaged and involved in politics and common causes, and it was a pretty rough week of news. We wrote this ping ponging ideas of how crooked and demented people with power can be, not with any intention of having a solution but more so of a state of observation. It’s neither apathetic or empathetic , literal or symbolic … it was just a reaction to that helpless but hopeful, enraging feeling of a reality overload . Two years later, it feels more relevant than it did when we wrote it…We’re living in dark times and I think as humans all we truly want to do is connect with one another…through music especially. As long as we can , we will be here for anyone who wants to listen. Grateful to do what we do and we take more pride in it than ever before…were gonna get through this ❤. love you so much ✌🏼 Best.”

“Dance” by POWERS is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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