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Goldfrapp Returns With Seductive New Single ‘Anymore’ & Announce ‘Silver Eye’ LP!

Can’t wait anymore? No worries! Goldfrapp is finally back!

The fabulously talented English electronic duo – Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory – who have provided us with some of the best electronic records over the past decade, have returned at last after almost four years of silence with “Anymore,” the lead single from their long-awaited seventh studio album, called Silver Eye (out on March 31)!

The 10-track LP was crafted alongside John Congleton and The Haxan Cloak, with guitar sounds by Leo Abrahams and mixing by David Wrench. “It’s the moon! It’s a metaphor for the moon. What is ‘Silver Eye‘? It’s a hybrid of things to do with antropomorphism, mysticism, the elemental – those are the themes of the album,” Alison told PopJustice. “Those are things that have been on ‘Supernature‘, and they’ve been there throughout really. I suppose with this album we go further into the idea of the elemental – earth, fire, water – and mysticism, Paganism to a certain degree, and dreaming. They’ve been there on all the albums in varying degrees but it’s much more focused on this album.”

As for the lead single, “Anymore” is a sexy, dark synth-pop production. “You’re what I want, you’re what I need / Give me your love, make me your freak,” Alison sweetly seduces across a pulsating dance pulse and spacey atmospherics, evoking a sort of “Ooh La La” from Supernature kind of nostalgia and intrigue. “I can’t wait/ I can’t wait anymore.”

I think it’s safe to say we’re in for quite a treat – Get pumped!

1. Anymore
2. Systemagic
3. Tigerman
4. Become The One
5. Faux Suede Drifter
6. Zodiac Black
7. Beast That Never Was
8. Everything Is Never Enough
9. Moon in Your Mouth
10. Ocean

Goldfrapp’s new single is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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