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‘Sex For Breakfast’: Life Of Dillon Return With Sunny No Worries Anthem!

My boys Life Of Dillon are back at it again!

The promising London-bred duo – Joe Femi and David Keiffer – responsible for supplying us with “Overload” back in 2015 from their fantastic debut Prologue EP are finally, after almost two years of silence, back with a brand new offering: “Sex For Breakfast,” a melodic mosaic of sunny acoustic guitars, artful production, R&B grooves, and an unshakable refrain.

I ordered sex for breakfast/ Texting all my exes/ On some Kanye West shit/ Good morning/ Me, Myself and Molly/ Surfing on that body/ Roll one for the Marley, no worry,” Joe croons on the infectious hook. The track is a very natural progression from the solid, forward-thinking electro-pop stuff found on their debut EP, but with more of a chilled-out radio-ready edge – I’m totally here for it!

“The ultimate goal of any artwork should be to make you feel something,” Joe and David said in a statement about the video. “We wanted to show both sides of the coin in the video. You see us experiencing the best of Southern California, but you also see this girl who’s really going through some tough times. Regardless, we inhabit the same world. Living in the moment can be bad and good. It illustrates this duality.”

Life of Dillon’s new single “Sex for Breakfast” is also available on Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play!

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